Sunday, 24 April 2011


I had not written in English for sometime.  I opt to write this post in English.  

What Joyce Lee asked was relevant in nature but irrelevant in reality.  I appreciate Joyce Lee's recognition towards my factual postings and her intenion to know me further.

Me and my wife are NOT aligned with any political party/parties.  We fight our cause for the future of the generations to come.

I was a person so much attracted to what DSAI did durimg his time in office as the Deputy Prime Minister.  Me and my wife was "participants" in "reformasi" marchings and demonstrations.  Some of you may what? Millions of Malaysians were involved in "reformasi" marchings.  The difference is that at the time me and my wife were chased by the "black maria" police personnels, my wife was 6 months pregnant.

What we did for DSAI's struggle in his fight for his political future during his Sodomy I episode is a nostalgic affair that is best remembered by me and my wife.  Now our "reformasi" child is 12 years old and that is how fast time flies.  During my tenage life, me and wife did many things together, including getting involved in share market, building our very own business entity and raising our children to become good citizens.

It is factual when we mention about the challenges that we face within our own beloved land.  We in Malaysia face challenges from our own government, community, family and surprisingly we are even challenged by our own-self's.  This is the actual situation that turned me and my wife to fight for a cause, and that is for our religion, community, country and our people's future.

I may write on matters that are sensitive to others but it is most important that we deal with this sensitive matters rather than let it become flammable.  Malaysia is a country that have great commodities that other countries dream of, we have a economy that is prudent, we have a great population that is educated, we have systems that make us envied by other countries governments and the list of blessings that Malaysia has is just too long of a list to be listed in my posting. This long list is not achieved by the governing parties but is sheer hard-work from the people of Malaysia. Some may say, if the government is not efficient, how did the list of achievements become long?  Well, a government is elected by the people thus if you think the government did well, than the people did far better.  Yet we are betrayed by this same government that we elected.

We suffer. We suffer in the hands of our own government.  We are hammered by our own authorities, we are pleading for a better life from the people that we voted to power.  We are treated with low respect and low humanity.  We elect someone and that someone makes a mockery of our livelihood, when they come to us for vote, they bow to us, they shake our hands by offering their hand in the first place, they are willing to swim in muddy waters but that is all before you vote them in.  What happens after they come into power?  Its the other way round.  You go to them and you are asked to make an appointment, you offer them a handshake and they pretend not to have seen u offering your hand and finally you plead to them to get some mercy.  

I am saying that me and my wife are against people or party/parties that are hypocrites.

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